The Music of Lightning Rod: Part 5

In the acknowledgements for Lightning Rod, I thank three bands in particular: Tool, Rise Against, and Muse. Muse was a latecomer in my rotation, and I mostly got into them listening to Pandora and occasionally hearing cuts off The Resistance, which I ended up buying and listened to a LOT while writing the final acts of the novel, even naming the final act for “Uprising” which was on repeat for a good chunk of it.

However, that’s not the track I’ll be playing today (though it’s easy enough to find the official video on Youtube if you want to hear it). Since we’re closing out the week, and I mentioned I tend to visualize cinematically when I’m writing a scene, there’s always that moment when you know that the book is done, and you imagine that “fade to credits” moment. Considering that the better known rendition of this song is mentioned earlier in the book, by modern movie logic it only makes sense to end with a more modern cover of it so…

If Lightning Rod were a movie, this is the song I’d want to end it with.

Fade to credits…

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  1. i can’t get enough of this song. this version is second only to Nina Simone. great soundtrack choice

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