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Cook and Serve

Words to live by, kids!

I’ll start with the standard Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers, and a Happy Thursday to everyone outside the U.S.

The following piece is a bit of a Thanksgiving tradition for me. I’ve posted the following essay every year in some way, shape or form every year since I wrote it, but before I get to it, a little backstory.  In 2007 I was taking Creative Non-Fiction, and our professor tasked us to write an essay describing an event in our lives in which we had been evil, an asshole, or generally refused to follow Wheaton’s Law. Most of us had little trouble pulling it off (we were all college students, after all), though most of the essays were “justifiable” evil. My own, I’ll let you be the judge, but to this day, I still don’t feel sorry about it, and I likely never were.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This is a story about pudding.


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Why I Write Urban Fantasy Instead of M/M

Writing your opinion on M/M is a dangerous thing, I’ve found, and not for fear of offending gay men, but rather the women who make up the vast majority of its writers, readers and reviewers. I’ve said before that I’m cool with that, but I always feel that when I’m about to discuss what I’m about to discuss that I’m drawing a line in the sand rather than explaining a personal choice. I don’t claim that what I write is “better” or anything like that, but still, there’s a confession I need to make.

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Community Service (Broken Mirrors #3)

Community Service (Broken Mirrors #3)

Cover Art by Angie Waters

Something to whet your appetite, the advance cover of the 3rd Broken Mirrors book, Community Service, coming in Spring ’13. James AND Spence will both share the spotlight in a new adventure. Coming soon from Samhain Publishing!

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