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Ladies and Gentlemen, Community Service

Art by Angie Waters

Art by Angie Waters

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Never forget what you are.

Broken Mirrors, Book 3

The King is dead, long live the King. And, uh, could you float him a couple bucks?

Life as the only human sorcerer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for James Black, the Lightning Rod. Between gremlins in the closet, paladins crashing through skylights and working spells in a storage locker, hunting a body-hopping spirit is a welcome distraction. If only he didn’t have to partner with a Coyote.

After being punted to the curb by his roommate (with benefits), things are looking dire for trickster Spencer Crain, until an old friend offers him a shot at a big score scamming the best of marks: a vampire. Thing is, he’ll have to work with his worst enemy to pull it off.

With lives in the balance, James is learning the hard way what being a sorcerer really means—and that he picked a hell of a time to quit smoking. Spencer is faced with the choice between his future and his friends. Yeah, like he’s never seen that movie before…

Warning: This is a work of urban fantasy containing arguments for and against Dungeons & Dragons, a closeted My Little Pony fan, awkward flirting, switching POVs, heist-movie logic, and a Dwarf who can’t hold his liquor.

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Storytellers: Community Service

So, with Community Service coming out on Tuesday, I figured I’d give you guys a few tidbits of info on the writing of it to whet your appetite. By the way, it’s still on sale at Samhain Publishing at a cheaper price than Amazon, plus I get more money when you buy direct from the publisher! (Since I’ve been asked that a few times.)

So, without further ado…

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