Vaughn’s Gay Words of the Day

In a bit of a silly mood today, mostly driven there by my students, so here are some terms you might like to know:

Gay Guy 1. n. A homosexual man that falls on the masculine end of the scale, but not so much as to be considered butch. Often interested in professional sports, violent media and popular music, but oblivious to most media that is stereotyped as gay by popular culture. Often considered to be bisexual or straight unless directly asked about sexuality. Sometimes also referred to as a gay bro.

Fag Hag 1. n. A woman, usually heterosexual, who provides social, emotional, and moral support to a homosexual man or group of homosexual men in a social setting. Defined by comedienne Margaret Cho as “the cornerstone of the gay community.” 2. n. A term of endearment often applied to a close female friend of a homosexual man. 3. n. The woman who gets you off your ass and out of the damned house because, God, what, are you just going to sit around all day waiting on him to call? Put some good clothes on ’cause we’re going out… After you’ve taken a shower, ’cause damn.

Fag Stag 1.n. A heterosexual man who provides social, emotional and moral support to a homosexual man, though often of the masculine variety. 2. n. The straight male friend who still hangs out with you, even when you want to bring your boyfriend.

Haguette 1.n. A younger woman, usually the daughter or younger sister of a fag hag, who is also supportive of homosexual men. 2. A term of endearment for a fag hag, e.g. “My little haguette.”

Homophony 1. n. A straight man who acts gay in order to sleep with women. (Please see Bloodhound Gang’s “I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks” for further reference.) 2. A straight man who acts gay in order to get ahead in career paths that “traditionally favor gay men”. (See Ugly Betty or That Episode Of Will & Grace That Had Matt Damon That One Time, I Think He Said Debra Messing Had A Rockin’ Ass Or Something? for further reference.)

Pink Team Groupie 1. n. A straight man who hangs out with gay men in order to sleep with women, usually at a gay club or bar. 2. n. A straight man that gay men help to meet women through accentuating their “open-mindedness”.

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