Thank You All

God, what do I say?

Most days, people only come to the blog to read an entry on how to date Scorpios. A month ago the semester had finished, paychecks dried up for the summer, and most of my cash reserves went into paying the summer’s bills in advance while I worked on my budget for the fall. I’d registered for the convention as a promise to myself that I would do everything I can to make it there, even though there were several times I was on the verge of e-mailing the organizers and asking for a refund.

Since the rights to “The Last Paladin” had reverted back to me, I took a page from some artists friends and put it up on the blog as a Pay What You Want, got a little money here and there, and worked on commissions for private patrons in the meantime, putting every dollar made into the con fund. In a moment of vulnerability, I blogged about, and included the PWYW link at the bottom, and generally forgot about it save the occasional notification that someone had tossed a few bucks my way, which would give me encouragement while I worked on the next piece of commissioned porn.

And yesterday morning I got a notification from Twitter that this has been tweeted:

And the rest of the day, this guy was doing everything he could to make that post go viral and get people to donate. When I checked my e-mail this morning, I was over the amount I needed, and I’m not ashamed to say I cried, not just because of the money, but because of the sheer volume of them, all the lovely notes of encouragement, and that it showed me that my readers (who now call themselves the Damned Coyotes) aren’t just in my circle of friends, or people I went to college with, or friends of friends, but that they’re all over the world. It’s humbling and honoring, and so many other descriptive verbs that can’t approach the gratitude that I feel.

All day yesterday I worked on Breaking Ties, the 4th book in the Broken Mirrors series, and I finished the draft at 81k words. It’ll be dedicated to all of you, even though that can’t even come close to thanking you all properly.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Send Vaughn To The Con Fund

Progress: $1,110/$850(Updated 6/23, 7:18pm)

Donations will lead to a .pdf copy of The Last Paladin

Note: The button’s only here because the PWYW for The Last Paladin is still going on, and I’m still doing commissions to boost the fund amount as well. If I can make enough, I might be able to take my boyfriend of two years to the con, but I am NOT asking for help with that. You guys got me there, and I won’t ask for anything more.


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6 responses to “Thank You All

  1. Kaje Harper

    Julio is a bit of a force of nature. I’m glad he was able to mobilize on your behalf. I’m looking forward to that fourth book.

  2. You know, while the world is huge, the M/M reading community is tight and we do what we can for our peeps. And you, sir, are one of our peeps. I’m so happy that you’ve not only met but exceeded your goal. Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll get enough to bring your boyfriend along too. Because everyone should have someone to enjoy sunsets on the beach with.

    So hugs to you and best wishes…

    *scurries off to buy more books*

    And Julio? He certainly is something else!

  3. Kinda bummed I missed the initial drive, but I’d love to help you take your boyfriend along! And also help make you happy, so that you’ll keep being able to write some of my favorite books out there! Can’t wait for Breaking Ties!!!!

  4. Veronica

    I’m so glad we helped reaching your goal, my best friend who lives in Brazil told me that your needed our help. Let me help you a little bit more to take your boyfriend with you, you can’t leave him behind 😉
    Warm Greetings
    Veronica, Sydney Australia

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  6. So happy this happened for you! You’re currently my favorite writer for M/M fic because the romance to me seems so much more real when you write it compared to most any other author I’ve ever read. Hope you enjoy yourself, and here’s to being able to take the boyfriend with you as well!

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