Where To Find Vaughn

Vaughn’s Twitter – If you’re looking for status updates or just generally want to know what I’m thinking, this is probably the first place to check. I promise not to tweet about what I’m eating, and I’ll strive the keep the political posts to a minimum.

Vaughn’s Facebook Fan-Page – In case you’re on Facebook and want to take our relationship to the next level. Go on, click the like button. No one has to know.

Vaughn’s Goodreads Page – In case you read my books and want to rate and/or review them, or comment on your rating/reviewing, or if you’re actually curious about what I myself am reading right now.

Where Vaughn Procrastinates Goes When He’s Not Writing

WARNING: Author not responsible for lost time – Do I really need to justify this one? – If you don’t know why this is here, just read Coyote’s Creed, and trust me, it’ll all make sense. – Because it’s cheaper than cable, damn it.

Vaughn’s Writer Friends That You Should Check Out

Sierra Dean – A fellow Urban Fantasy writer, author of the Secret McQueen series

David M. DeMar – A dieselpunk writer whose lightsaber says…