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Titles arranged according to series

 The City Bundle

A collection of the works published under the now-defunct Samhain Publishing. This bundle includes House of Stone, Coyote’s Creed, Lightning Rod, Community Service, and Breaking Ties.

It also includes some unfinished works, which are unpublished, unfinished, and unedited, which include:

Winter Knight: A young half-Fae seeks to prove that’s he’s better than his breeding and rise above his station

Hunter’s Moon: A human hunter of the supernatural denizens of the City finds himself the prey of a sidhe lord.

Blood and Ashes: A vampire seeks to solve a murder while attempting to keep hold of his humanity.

The City Bundle will be Pay What You Want.

Just click Buy Now, and enter the amount you’d like to pay when you reach PayPal. You’ll downloaded the City Bundle automatically once you complete checkout. Thanks Coyotes for all your support!

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 The Last Paladin

The Last Paladin is now available both to download and read for free on vaughndemont.com Please click the above link to access. 🙂

The Last Paladin contains scenes of gay sexual content and violence, so please don’t clink the link unless you’re legally allowed to read those sorts of things.
Below is a donate button, just in case you’d rather it be a “Pay What You Want” deal.

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